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Ms. Kirti Vaishnav

Ms. Kirti Vaishnav

KNP Arises Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.

KNP deals with waste management solutions in which they collect used cooking oil from different FBO’s and convert it into biodiesel which emit 90% less carbon particles and helps to protect the environment.

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Ms. Monika Jha

Ms. Monika Jha

Cydee Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Cydee Technologies has developed streetlights that reduces the light poles by 60 percent and save the material.It is a unique, patented street light fixture with higher dispersion angle to effectively reduce the number of luminaires required to illuminate a stretch of road by up to 60%, saving up to 30% energy.

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Ms.Prerna Kumar

Ms. Prerna Kumar

Chai Veda

ChaiVeda creates tea blends for modern day health, habits and needs. These blends are created by using the variety of herbs, spices and flowers as per the ancient wisdom. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, the natural, herbal ingredients are used to create ChaiVeda’s specialized tea blends.

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Ms. Manisha Soin

Ms. Manishaa Soin


CanceRX is addressing the pain point of affordability and accessibility in cancer care. The Cancer treatment occupies the highest wallet share for a patient, so keeping this in mind, they are helping cancer patients save on cancer consults, diagnostics, drugs, and help with affordable care delivery.

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Ms. shazia quaiser

Revival services

Revival Services is the first Shoe Laundry of Bihar with its store in Patna where one can get cleaning and repair of the leather shoes, bags, jackets offline and online both.

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Ms.Meenakshi Ginodia

Ms. Meenakshi Ginodia

Inventiway Solutions Pvt. Ltd

A Recruitment Product that intends to place the Right Candidate on the basis of a validated career and educational history. As a neutral information source, it offers a holistic approach from the candidate application stage up to final selection & offer, bringing transparency and accuracy in the hiring process by being a central repository of skills and educational credentials.

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Ms. Deeksha Chaudhary

Bite’s N Sip’s

Bite’s N Sip’s is a food retail working in quick service restaurants. This startup is brought up with the aim of building itself as a restaurant chain or franchise operation that provides food. Food casual kiosk and food booth are two variation of fast food restaurant concept which Bite’s N Sip’s is majorly focusing. .

Meghna Gandhi

Ms. Meghna Gandhi

Ribbon Candy

Ribbon Candy is a homegrown label that makes handmade apparel and accessories for little girls. With the hair accessory market dominated by Chinese products, Ribbon Candy is one of a kind manufacturer that employs local women for this task. Also, the apparel is made from 100% natural fibers that are non-toxic, skin friendly, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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Bhawna Saini

Ms.Bhawna Saini


SOTIYO is reinstating pride in farming as an economically and ecologically sustainable profession by enabling farmers with Agritech solutions such as Regenerative Farming and Hydroponics.

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