Cohort 2

Shahnaz Shaikh

Ms. Shahnaz Shaikh

AI-Genix International Pvt. Ltd.

AI-Genix International Pvt. Ltd. Works with crop protection technologies using AI, enabling farmers to produce high-quality, toxic pesticide residue free food.

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Shivi Kapil

Ms. Shivi Kapil

Empathy Design Labs

Empathy Design Labs has developed a wearable & non-invasive IOT device that alerts parents 24-hours prior to a pregnancy turning into a stillbirth.

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Umaima Ehtasham

Ms. Umaima Ehtesham

Kaavyanam Organics Pvt. Ltd

Kaavyanam Organics is enabling local government bodies and institutions to manage their solid waste and recycling organic waste to create fertilizers for promotion of Organic produce.

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Medha Khandelwal

Ms. Medha Khandelwal


KhadiTee is working to produce hand spun and hand knit fabric from Khadi with the help of amber charkha and manual knitting machine.

Haindavi Dandu

Ms. Haindavi Dandu

Nimble Print Pack LLP

Nimble Print Pack is working to help printing manufacturers finding the right service in case of a breakdown, right machine as per requirements, the list of raw materials with various suppliers at competitive rates, updating the manufacturers about the upcoming exports and most importantly tenders and sales leads into one website.

Inani Priya

Ms. Inani Priya

Wow StonicPvt. Ltd

Wow StonicPvt. Ltd. makessandstone door frame that provides the look of wood and strength of stone. The product is termite free and has great elegance. It is long lasting and can be painted as the colour of the house.

Ankita Parashar

Ms. Ankita Parashar


Stream Minds have devised easy-to-use product, for teaching circuitry to small children. They hire qualified women who are restarting their technical careers for teaching circuitry to the kids.

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Neha Israni

Ms. Neha Israni

Veggie Green House Pvt.

Veggie Green House Pvt. Ltd. is a digital agrisupply chain for fruits and vegetables with demand based production. They provide a digital marketplace for the farmers to directly interact with the end buyers and simplify the process of pricing for the farmers as well as the buyers by helping the farmers to get fair and higher prices for their farm produce along with procuring quality and natural produce at the right and lowest prices for end buyers.

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Dr. Sarika

Dr. Sarika Gupta

Greenathon & Company

Greenathon and Company has an alternative approach for enzymatic deinking technology for handmade paper industry to reduce the recalcitrant moieties and bio-magnification of toxicants due to the usage of chemicals at industrial scale.

Ambika Saxena

Ms. Ambika Saxena


Greenvista and Company is working towards degrading the dye used in textile industryand replacing non-biodegradable chemicals to biodegradable bio-zymes.


Ms. Divyanshi Sharma


Aqua-Immunostimulants is working on towards strengthening the immune system of fish by using immunostimulants in aquaculture to stimulate the innate immune system of fishes.


Ms. Kanika Verma


Fucinnaole is making an anti-fungal insole which has herbal extract and is made of silver nanoparticles for people suffering with fungal infections of the feet.