Cohort 4


Ms. Cathy Dsouza

Curiosum Tech Private Limited

Curiosum is an internationally recognized competitive platform that requires students to design, manufacture and fabricate life-size projects, while also supporting an environment that fosters team building, financial skills and business development.

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Ms. Roshni Mohandas

Uniqin use AI & ML to analyze the historic purchase data and deduce actionable insights. The platform is an agnostic pricing application which helps e-commerce sellers to price their products intelligently.

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Ms. Aishwarya Vinay Gore

Newtons Apple Security Solutions LLP

NATASHA is a state of the art AI-based threat intelligence system, which monitors the inbound and outbound internet traffic of our network and identifies the threats present in our network. It is designed to be a plug-and-play device, which means even a person from non-technical background can use it with ease.

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Ms. shreyoshi s

Immerse Go

ImmerseGo is an Art Integrated Learning (AIL) AI based Edtech platform offering art based proprietary learning modules for learners between the age 5 to 15 years, to develop Life Skills values & Thematic Understanding, in a play based learning method. Their all courses are across the domains of dance, music, visual arts, theatre and martial arts.

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Ms. Surabhi Gulati Gupta

Techivox Pvt Ltd ( is India’s first end to end Bakery aggregator that brings- Bakery Shops, Home Bakers and Bakery Suppliers closer to their respective customers. The platform helps bakery lovers to evaluate a variety of designs/flavors, innovative food items from various bakery brands.

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Dr. Priya

Dr. Priya rao

Pelican Thermogenics P. Ltd.

Pelican has developed a decentralized modular microwave -based rapid dehydration equipment (MuMaH) for Farmers/ FPOs/ Food Processors/FPCs / Wet Waste managers, who need rapid dehydration of produce & value addition of waste. It retains nutritional value and prevents decay.

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Ms. Divanshi Gupta

Ucanji is a cloud based tech platform that connects students all over India to the best instructors. It provides dance tutorials to ensure that individuals have a range of options to try and then finally choose ones they want to pursue. Ucan Ji is building the Netflix for dance learning – pay once a month and binge on unlimited courses.

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Ms. Anuva Kakkar


Tiggle craft sells delicious hot chocolate mixes, made from the highest grade cocoa, sourced directly from the farmers in Tamil Nadu. Tiggle is one of the most delicious, smooth and aromatic hot chocolate.

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Priyanka Narnolia


Jewelshala is creating the most accessible education platform which empowers and up-skill designers and creators to become the best jewellery designers.

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Ms. Sushmita Kaneri


TechPose is building profit-based scalable products and solutions which solves societal issues by leveraging the virtues of technology.

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