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Parul Choix

Parul Saxena


Choix is an “On Demand Retail” Tech platform that provides convenience of ordering groceries and fruits and vegetables (FnV) from home and choosing (by touch & feel) those at your location.


Tarannum Fareed

Thinking Hats Consumer Insights LLP

Thinking Hats is a full-fledged Market Research company and is proficient in Qualitative and Quantitative research methodologies.


Monika Mehta

Zealthlife Technologies India Pte. Ltd.

Zealth is building a SaaS (named CareShare) for remote patient monitoring to help reduce burdens from hospitals in India and improve their bottom line. CareShare allows hospitals to provide continuous round the clock monitoring to their patients suffering from serious diseases like cancer once they leave the hospital and get real time alerts when a patient is at high risk.

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Pooja Sharma Goyal

Building Blocks Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd/ Avishkaar

Avishkaar provides robotics, and STEM education through a comprehensive platform to teach and learn 21st-century skills like Coding, Robotics, AI, IoT, 3D printing, and Drones.


Deepa Pillai

OneCup OneCar Services Pvt Ltd

OneCup OneCar Services Pvt Ltd provide waterless car wash- thus saving water for the millennial generations with quality workmanship and service better than car Spa’s at their doorsteps and is cost effective.


Sneh Soni

Free Stand Sampling Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Free Stand Sampling Solutions is B2B SaaS platform that enables FMCG brands to digitize and automate all their product sampling operations. The Freestand platform takes care of all operations involved in a digital sampling campaign: Setup, Execute, and Monitor.


Niharika Jain,WE Invest

Niharika Jain


Zhelter is an accommodation provider for students and young adults. It provides an immersive experience to Gen Z who are looking for comfortable accommodation at affordable prices along with a strong sense of community. In the first year of operation, the top line was over Rs. 1 crore owing to 100% occupancy.