Brief About Industry

What is Zoho?

At Zoho, we create powerful software to solve business problems. Trusted by over 50
million users from across the world, software has always been our craft and our
passion. More than 45 software applications, to manage, connect, and automate
business processes across your organization. Please visit to know more.

What is Zoho for Startups?

Through the Zoho for Startups program, we are passionate about helping startups
onboard the right software tools at the right time. Whether you are just setting up your
startup or are already scaling up across geographies, from writing down your ideas to
crafting your pitches, you will always find a bunch of apps that can help you structure and automate your everyday work.

What is the offering?

Startups are eligible to avail Zoho Wallet credits worth INR 2 Lakhs, with a validity of one year. There are more than 45+ apps to choose from!