Atal Incubation Centre BanasthaliVidyapith organized a panel discussion on ‘Challenges in Scaling up Women-led Startups’ at Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur. The panel was comprised of the known and experienced personalities from the field of entrepreneurship: Ms. JagratiShringi (CTO,, Ms. Chitra GurnaniDaga(CEO, Thrillophilia), and Ms. Priyanka Gupta (CEO, Kaushal Bhaav).AIC, BanasthaliVidyapith is committed to developing the women-led startup ecosystem for social enterprises.The event was, in particular, for enthusiastic women entrepreneurs to get benefits from experienced panelists who have faced challenges in successfully running their enterprise.Startup Oasis and Indian Institute of Crafts and Design(Jaipur) were the partners of the event.The guests in the audience consisted of some eminent figures like Nagaraja Prakasam (Angel Investor, Mentor, Fund Advisor), Dr.Toolika Gupta(Director of Indian Institute of Crafts and Design) and Himadri Ghosh (Dean of Design school, BanasthaliVidyapith).The discussion mainly revolved around the challenges that women face while scaling-up their venture and the advantages received by women-led startups. Ms. Priyanka asserted that a startup should scale-up keeping in mind the company’s milestones and validating the ideas with industry experts. Another interesting point of discussion was the experience of shifting the startup from a metro city to a tier-I city. The panelists shared an optimistic perspective.According to Ms. Chitra, hiring the right candidate could be a time taking process but retention is easier in a tier-I city. All the startups that were present in the panel are being run by the husband-wife duo. Ms. Chitra described the perks of working with her spouse and stated that it made her relationship stronger. The panel discussion was followed by a Q&A round which consisted of thought-provoking questions and insights from the audience and panel members respectively.

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