E-Cell Fest (15th-16th Jan, 2023)

E-Cell at Banasthali Vidyapith is organizing an E-Cell Fest on 15th and 16th January, 2023 for the students to showcase their talents, get inspired, and carry great business learnings from various programs.

Both school and college students from any stream, staying on the campus are eligible to apply.

Last date to register for the events: 8th Jan, 2023

10:30- 11 AM 11.15-1 PM 2.30-4 PM 4.00-5.00 PM 5.00 to 5:30 PM
15th January Opening Ceremony(Auditorium 2)

Documentary Showcase

Cent-Vest (Audi 2)

Marshmallow Challenge



(Audi 2)

Movie Screening

(Audi 2)

16th January Impact Talk

(Audi 1)

Shark Tank

(Audi 1)

Tinker Bell

(Audi 1)

Stand-up Comedy

(Audi 2)

Elevator Pitch for Cent-Vest

(Audi 2)

Prize Distribution

(Audi 2)

15th January 

All Day

(10 AM-5 PM)

Game Room

(Ideation Room)

Business Baazigar/Stalls

(Outside Nav Mandir)

Nukkad Natak

(Campus Premises)

15th January

Business Baazigar
  • Students can put up unique/innovative stalls to earn profits by selling their products/services.
  • Anyone having innovative ideas/talents can apply for setting up their stalls.
  • Individual/Team participation is allowed.
  • Teams/Individuals have to present their final pitches on 16th Jan & the team with impressive sales would win the Business Baazigar.
  • Shortlisted Ideas would be informed by 9th January, 2023 to set up the stall 
Cent-Vest (Rs. 100 Exercise)
  • Have a knack for spending your money wisely? Check your money management skills to know if you stand at the top among your peers in budget planning and investing.
  • Students/ Teams will have to put INR 100 from their pockets and would get 2 days to multiply the amount by selling innovative services/products in the premises.
  • On the 2nd day, the teams would present their final pitches on how they executed the exercise.
  • Team with maximum sales and the most impressive idea would win the activity.
  • Only team participation is allowed. (Apply with a team only)
Marshmallow Challenge (Team Building)
  • Students would be given a marshmallow and 21 spaghetti sticks to build a large tower through.
  • Team who would build the tallest tower would win the exercise.
  • Only team participation is allowed (Allow with a team only)
Nukkad Natak
  • Call the actor in you to the streets of Banasthali and spread a message with your theatrics among your peers. 
  • Teams would need to perform Nukkad Natak on an Entrepreneurship theme.
  • Shortlisting would be done based on the team’s demo performance.
  • Only team participation is allowed.
  • Voice your opinions and share your views on various topics on this platform.
  • Students would be provided a topic related to Entrepreneurship/Startup Ecosystem in India & would need to speak on it for 2 mins.
  • Shortlisting would be done on a generic topic while your final topic would be allotted a day before your final elocution.
  • Winners would be made depending on your speaking skills, body language, and knowledge on the subject.
Game Room
  • Get an experience playing real life monopoly and earn the most capital. 


Movie Screening
  • Book your seats into an already filling theater and enjoy a fun, learning screening of this movie.

16th January

Impact Talk
  • Students would have a golden opportunity to hear inspiring stories of Banasthali alumni who became founders themselves and are running their companies successfully.
Shark Tank
  • Students would be pitching their innovative business ideas in front of the panel.
  • A 3 min pitch would require a small presentation portraying their problem, solution, market potential, competitors, their USP, and their money ask just as it’s done in Shark Tank India.
  • The most interesting and impressive ideas would receive investments from the Sharks.
  • Individual/Team participation is allowed.
Standup Comedy
  • Entertain your audience and tickle their bones with your best comic selves in this event.
  • Students can present fun and interesting standup acts around Entrepreneurship.
  • Only individual participation is allowed.
Tinker Bell
  • Unleash your creativity and out of the box thinking with this fun activity and showcase your best ideas here. 
  • Students will be shown a grid of pictures. They’re to identify problems underlying the picture and give creative solutions for the same.