Team Leader (Marketing) 

Company Profile :

Wow Stonic Private Limited is established with a vision to be a part of developed nation and give our next generation a sight of our environment. Wow Stonic Private limited is a government recognised startup of Gujarat and woman empowered company.
Deforestation is a vast problem faced due to our comfort, trying to reduce this problem by shifting to history with innovation.
Every door frame in house is made of 2 trees while shifting to stone door frame we can preserve that 2 trees each house on an average.
so, with saving millions of trees a month we can contribute to the nation. Stone door frame with the new feature as a look of wood and strength of stone. Termite free and great elegance. Long-lasting and paint as color of house. With is great product we create a source of employment and woman empowerment too in the most contributing field of Construction.

Job Description :

We are seeking a Team Leader Marketing to create the positioning for our manufacturing business, develop a go-to-market strategy and support sales enablement. This global role will be a pivotal change agent and drive market adoption and accelerate growth for our manufacturing services. In addition, this role will require collaboration with stakeholders and subject-matter experts in sales, marketing, and development to codify and define sales plays, create core sales enablement assets, and support and create marketing content to support demand generation efforts. The ideal candidate will bring inspirational and energized leadership, an ambitious spirit, and best-in-class marketing practices.

Responsibilities :

1. Develop the positioning framework and commercialization strategy for our manufacturing services.

2. Create a content toolkit, including internally-facing enablement materials, writing new externally available top of the funnel content, and linking to existing mid to bottom of the funnel content.

3. Leverage, enhance and extend core content and enablement tools generated by the business unit and corporate marketing teams.

4. Collaborate with manufacturing development, marketing and sales teams to understand our existing client base, their buyer journeys, the value proposition driving sales, and new solution
focus to properly message to target prospects, analysts, and existing clients.

5. Understand industry trends and current and upcoming competition.

6. Train the marketing and sales teams on marketing plans and manufacturing services; develop sales tool kits.

7. To work out costing of Technical yarn for new enquiries & to attend the customer complains and resolve the technical matters i.e. Customer technical service.

8. Maintaining active and prospective customer database and providing the status to the senior manager(s).

9. Monitor the sales performance of competitors and Existing Customers to ensure that the Company maintains and develops its competitive position.

10. Preparing the monthly data analysis reports.

11. Delegate Tasks and set Deadlines, Set Sals Targets and Motivate Sales Team.

12. Train & Coach the Sales Team.

13. Familiar through Digital Marketing.

The one goes for this job opportunity must be enthusiastic about the role he/she are going to play because this the most vital job of our startup.