Sales Manager – Horticulture (Gujrat) 

Experience Required: 10+ Years 

Company Description 

Since 2013, Microbiz Networ India has been wor ing in the field of Agriculture Pest Management Industry and recently added Organic fertilizers and Micronutrients in product portfolio. 

We are a business that invents technology for sustainable farming, which helps to address the global hunger threat and food security issue. Our ground-brea ing crop protection technologies and crop management solutions are transforming dynamics of the farming industry, enable millions of farmers to produce high-quality, toxic pesticide residue-free food and increase the yield by optimising the use of available resources 

Our business evolved around the environment and sustainable resources development, to achieve the world’s food security by minimising the farmer’s dependence on toxic chemicals nown for badly polluting the air we breathe in, the water we drin , the soil in which we grow our food. 

We are manufacturing new generation eco-friendly artificially intelligent agriculture pest management devices for more than 5 years. Our products have excellent performance and relatively low-cost pest management solution when compared to existing options available for agriculture pest management. Our Research & Development division is wor ing on development of new technologies and up-gradation of existing products relentlessly. 

Job Description 

We currently have an opportunity for a Sales Manager (Gujrat State) to promote and sell the products manufactured and imported by the Microbiz Network India in the Gujrat State. In this position, you’ll also serve as a key business consultant and facilitate the placement of our products across Gujrat state. You’ll establish deep relationships with distributors, dealers, agro consultants and deliver the product to the growers/Framers through distribution network . 10- 15 plus years of equivalent experience is required for this position. 


  • To appoint distributors at district level across Gujrat state and develop dealers and distributors network in the state. 
  • To build the team of sales and marketing executives for Gujrat state 
  • To implement distribution business plans, manage forecasting, inventory management and product line demand issues, set the business direction, and coordinate follow-ups with super stockist, distributor and dealers. 
  • Train the distribution sales force to sell value, deliver our brand experience and manage objections, mostly through ride along and joint farmer calls. 
  • Implement, promote and communicate marketing incentive programs. 
  • Actively manage inventory concerns as appropriate to meet business objectives. 
  • To establish demo plots with targeted farmers to collect & summarize performance data. 
  • Demonstrate proof of product performance against the competition 


Bachelors degree preferred in agronomy, agriculture, horticulture, agriculture entomology field with 10 plus years of experience in sales and mar eting. 

Desired Skills: 

Basic nowledge of Agriculture Entomology 

Strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills 

Basic computer skills (i.e., Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook) 

Willingness to travel and live/work in a rural environment. 

Job Type: Full-time

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