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About the company

Swazen is an effort to bring people back to their roots by focusing on innovative organic food products that fuels a passion for healthy lifestyle by reintroducing traditional crops like beetroot and Karandas in their regular diets which serves as a healthy way to eradicate the problem of nutrition imbalance. With inculcating traditional method using local indigenous crops, we bring enriched foods in the form of confectionery products like jam, jelly, salsa and candies adapted to preserve your health and let people enjoy the fullest benefits of Mother Nature. The organization aims to create livelihood opportunity of the rural community by developing skills to work on agricultural processing through the use of chemical free and sustainable production system and to provide
everyone involved in organic eating and delivering a quality product that satisfies people’s basic health needs, within a safe, secure and healthy lifestyle at an affordable range. Our commitment is  making changes in the lives of people by managing our environment; protect health and secure livelihoods and economic security for all.

Work Profiles:

1. Business Executive
2. Market Analyst

Required skill sets:

-Super energetic and driven to spread better learning
-Someone who has strong communication skills and can persevere
-Aggressive and task oriented
-Ability to interact confidently with a diverse cross section of people
-Self-motivated and team building skills
-Ability to connect to take the team along

Internship Period:

2-4 months


2.LOR (Letter of recommendation)
3. Excellent performers stand a chance for part/full time job offers
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