HRTech startup (early revenue stage) looking for Full time Technical cofounder who will be working as a CTO of the company.

The CTO should be master in coding, have good command on PHP programming language and good Understanding of web (MVC – Full stack) & App development technology platforms.

Someone who is passionate to build and grow a start up from scratch, has strong experience in Agile Product development methodology, has worked on B2B SaaS platforms, can answer choice of certain platform/tech over other – Would be an ideal candidate.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Founder in building the vision, architecture, team, technology stack and platform Co-define (with Founder) Product roadmap.
  • Deliver product roadmap with great quality and on time.
  • Should constantly keep yourself updated with all new trends, technologies and approaches that could make our products better
  • Recruit, hire and lead the technology team
  • Help in building a great place to work, which is lot of fun & develops great team spirit with
    progressive learning culture

CTC = Self-funded Handsome equity in Early Revenue Stage (paying clients lined up) Startup – Till upcoming funding round gets closed.

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